AEK aims to be the best in the industry with its environmentally friendly, reliable, economical and competitive position by beaming “Long Headlights” on the first day and determining the points that it wants to reach in the future,

AEK serves for non-public companies, take measures in the name of “Security” and “Deterrence” against counterfeiting, give them all kinds of support and produce shares

As an innovative institution, AEK follows developments in the sector and share them with its business partners,
When doing these, AEK always determine customer needs and expectations,

AEK offers product services with,

  • Confidence
  • Quality
  • environmental awareness

In the most efficient way, it aims to continually improve and improve continuously by increasing customer satisfaction.


AEK has innovative and rational goals in corporate responsibility and aims to bring its products and services to world standards with specific principles,

First priority in Turkey; To make the concept of “STOCK CERTIFICATE ” more widely used by Joint Stock Companies and Limited Companies,

The second priority in the sector is to be honest SECTOR LEADER standing behind the business that produces the appropriate business in accordance with the law on “STOCK CERTIFICATE PRINTING”.