The Stock is the number of shares of the shareholders of the company in a company and the number of shares in the company’s Turkish lira (TL)


First of all the details of paper – watermark – color – content – approximate number of prints and counterfeiting should be discussed with business owners

No need for an official permission of the printing Stock..

A printing house, who is based on Stock Certificate, doesn’t have to get an official permission in order to be able to provide this service The printing press that issues stocks has to do this according to the relevant provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code..
Nowadays, however, some printers say they have special permits for printing stocks and somehow mislead business owners.

A new generation security measure that is ” FIRST ” in Turkey
Technological Hologram!

TÜV ISO 9001 Hologram Applications with Technological Innovations

The Great Benefit of Pay Senedi

It is very important for the Joint Stock Company of having stocks, and it brings great tax advantages … However, unfortunately only 15-16% percentage of the owners or managers of the companies are aware of this.

It’s Now Easy to Print the STOCK

If you don’t know and would like to learn the process,

Here is the solution in three steps;

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